Realme 5G Phones Will Not Launch In India, Because No 5G Network

Realme’s CEO and founder Sky Li, has disclosed a major policy change via a Weibo post that from next year the company will only release 5G phones in the Chinese market. While Realme will still release 4G devices globally.

Realme will no longer launch 4G phones next year but launch 5G

According to the report, the Chinese telecom market is converting in 5G very fast. So many companies like Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, and also Realme are want to launch their 5G smartphone in India but there no 5g network.

Forget about 5G deployment, India is yet to conduct the spectrum auction where the 5G spectrum will be allotted to telecom companies. This is exactly why most OEMs who produce 5G smartphones gave a cold shoulder to the Indian Mobile Congress that took place in October this year. While they did showcase smartphones that had been announced in other markets around the world, there was no word on when these 5G-ready phones were coming to India.

Meanwhile, the company is also looking forward to launching its first 5G phones the Realme X50 and X50 Youth Edition in China.

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