Top 10 Google Memory Games in 2023

Google Play Store offers millions of apps and games for kids. It offers several categories to choose from, such as action, adventure, arcade, board, card, casino, educational, music, puzzle, racing, role-playing, simulation, sports, strategy, trivia, and word games. But in this guide, we are focusing on the best Google memory games for kids as well as adults.

Importance of Memory Games:

Playing several memory games is very useful for kids as it helps improve various brain functions, memory, attention, concentration, and focus. These games allow the brain to think critically and analyze things in a detailed manner and help increase your vision; for example, various spotting games are helpful for kids who are suffering from short-term memory, increase IQ, and more.

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Top 10 Google Memory Games:

Here are the best Google memory games which will help kids to boost their memory:

  • Remember- Memory game pairs
  • Charlotte’s table
  • Design blast- Match & Home
  • Lumosity- Brain training
  • NeuroNation- Brain training
  • Lights- A memory game
  • classic sudoku
  • Brain game kids
  • Picture matching memory game
  • Kids puzzles for toddlers   

Remember- Memory game pairs:

google memory games: Remember- Memory game pairs

Remember is a memory game which allows the kids to train their memory, attention, concentration, focus and other logic skills. Other features of this game include, to play this game, you need to match the pictures provided. The game provides you with five game modes: classic memory game, adventure, remember all, timeout and a limited number of moves, respectively. It has 12 different difficulty levels. Various card packs contain funny cats, food, fruits and vegetables, flags, shapes, letters, music, sports, and numbers. You can even choose three different themes from which you want to play the game from, light, dark and custom, respectively.

Charlotte’s table:

google memory games: Charlotte's table

In Charlotte’s Table, Experience Charlotte’s story in the restaurant business. You need to solve the addictive match 3 puzzles, design and decorate your own restaurant, and customize plates and tables in your style; the main task is to manage the customers coming to the restaurant of all the personalities, even style  Charlotte with different outfits. 

Design blast- Match & home:

google memory games: Design blast- Match & home:

Design Blast- match & Home is another of the best memory games for kids. There are so many houses to design and decorate in this game by playing various candy blast puzzle games. Solve tons of the puzzles which are added daily, and that’s for free. In this game, you can uniquely decorate and redesign houses, bedrooms, living rooms, beaches, and others.

Lumosity- Brain training:

Lumosity- Brain training: google memory games

Lumosity is another best brain training game, which contains easy-to-understand fun puzzles that help boost memory, attention and concentration. You can play this game completely free of cost. The game’s other features include 40+ activities, various logical and problem-solving challenges, workout modes, detailed training insights, and more.

NeuroNation- Brain training:

google memory games: NeuroNation- Brain training:

Neuronation is yet another best brain training games for kids. This game offers over 34 exercises with 300+ different levels to boost your brain functionality. This game is based on different scientific studies which monitor your brain development. Plus, it also offers community support in which you can compare your results with your friends.

Lights- A memory game:

google memory games:: NeuroNation- Brain training

Lights is considered the best Google memory game for kids. This game provides over 15 unique game modes, 12 challenging button layouts, local multiplayer, fun sound options, and more. This game supports over 11 languages and various milestones, which have to be unlocked, in addition to the online leaderboards in which the players can compare their scores with that of their friends. classic sudoku:

google memory games: classic sudoku

Sudoku is the best memory and brain training game. It helps to improve various brain skills, logical questions, concentration, attention, and more. This game provides you with various hints to solve the sudoku. You can choose various themes and make notes. The game has 10,000+ classic game numbers and comes with six difficulty levels: fast, easy sudoku, medium, hard sudoku, expert and giant. This game is a real workout for your brain.

Brain game kids:

google memory games: classic sudoku

As the name suggests, the brain game Kids is a memory game in which there are 12 educational games which keep the mind active along with having fun. The game offers various Labyrinths, puzzles, jigsaw, alphabet soup, games of wit, memory, mazes, visual acuity, spatial vision, minesweeper, sudoku, find objects and many more. It comes in three different languages. Plus, this game has three difficulty levels, +3 years, +6 years, and +10 years respectively.

Picture matching memory game:

google memory games: Picture matching memory game

Picture making is a beautiful and colorful board game, in which you need to flip the tiles, match them, clear the board, and then try again with a new board with some different tiles. It has two player modes. In the single-player mode, you need to remember the cards and then match them, whereas in the multiplayer mode, you wait for your turn to come, flip the cards, match them and score. 

Kids puzzles for toddlers:  

google memory games: Picture matching memory game

This game is yet another best option for the kids regarding the memory game. This game comes with various unique and colourful jigsaw puzzles, with all the kids’ favourite items, like fruits, vegetables, rainbows, plants, animals, spaceships, trucks and more. It also includes various jigsaw puzzles, shadow matching, tangram, shapes and sizes, and themes such as forest, space, farm, ocean, sky, construction site, city, bugs, desert, and Candyland.

Google Memory Games: Unleash Your Child’s Brainpower

Google memory games are the best way to provide kids with the perfect brain training and workout. Brain or memory games help kids with better brain functioning, concentration, attention, logical and quantitative reasoning, thinking skills, better IQ, and more. In their fast-growing age, they especially need to train their brain, which will help them in various aspects of life.

Top 10 Google Memory Games in 2023

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