Xiaomi AX1500 WiFi 6 Router Review

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi unveiled its latest and most affordable Wi-Fi 6 router, the Xiaomi AX1500, in its hometown of China. With that, the Chinese-bound brand has now introduced the device to global markets as well. Since then, the official availability is currently on its way, as the brand has officially listed its latest router on the global website. Simultaneously, the newly launched Xiaomi AX1500 router is considered to be an affordable yet advanced routing device that comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity support, which makes it a highly powerful and performing device.

Xiaomi AX1500: Specifications

With Wi-Fi 6 connectivity support, the Xiaomi AX1500 router offers you an insane experience of high-speed connectivity along with up to 5GHz speed support that allows you to have a seamless yet strong connection across your room. The device’s Wi-Fi 6 connectivity is so smooth that you will not feel any interruption while streaming any content. At the same time, it also delivers the ultimate speed and strength.

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The AX1500 router also supports a dual-band concurrent wireless speed of up to 1501 Mbps, which significantly helps in faster transmission speed along with much lower latency so that you can get a more stable content streaming and gaming experience.

With advanced and self-adaptive 4 full gigabit Ethernet ports, which seamlessly allow you to connect to any of the 4 provided ports in order to easily access the internet connection without requiring you to differentiate between a wide area network and a local area network, Other than that, the dual-band integration offers you smart switching of high-speed connections, which can automatically adjust as per the actual usage, which significantly delivers a high-quality experience.

The new Xiaomi AX1500 router consists of Xiaomi’s self-developed Mesh networking technology support that involves plenty of hybrid networking methods that allow a seamless connection of up to 10 devices in order to get widespread network coverage, and with that, the millisecond-level roaming latency offers the ability to roam around in your house without having any lag or buffering issues.

With OFDMA technology support, the AX1500 router offers you the ability to seamlessly connect multiple devices simultaneously for data transmission. You can have fun by playing games online, watching your favorite movies, studying, working on a presentation, or more. This technology support helps you connect multiple devices at once without having any network congestion or interruption.

Xiaomi’s latest AX1500 router comes with IPTV support with multi-line multiplexing, which allows you to easily connect the device with your TV set-top box so that you can enjoy a bigger and better viewing experience.

Furthermore, it can intelligently reconize the Xiaomi/Redmi smartphone when you have connected multiple devices, and for several gaming enthusiasts, the new AX1500 router features exclusive Xiaomi smartphone acceleration support for certain gaming sessions. It automatically deducts the latency and lagging process so that the gamers can get a smooth, seamless, and more powerful gaming experience, significantly allowing them to make the right move during the gaming sessions.

Xiaomi AX1500 Router: Pricing and Availability

Since the China-bound brand hasn’t disclosed the price and availability details regarding its latest AX1500 router in global markets, the router was still priced at 129 Yuan, or approximately $18. In contrast, the AX1500 router is currently available for $25 through the AliExpress website. So, it’s highly expected that the device might arrive with more or less the same price tag in global markets.

Xiaomi AX1500 WiFi 6 Router Review

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