How Many Software Updates will OPPO F25 Pro 5G get ?

Smartphones are significantly incorporated with several impressive and highly admired features, which tend to come with software updates. Simultaneously, it will be left undesired if it doesn’t run on the latest software. Software updates are an integral part of the Android ecosystem and allow phones to have new features and enhancements while also removing some unwanted vulnerabilities. 

Most of the brands stuck with their OS updates commitment, while the OPPO is no different. With that, let’s learn more about the brand’s latest arrival, the F25 Pro’s software update commitment. 

OPPO F25 Pro 5G Software Update Policy

OPPO’s software update policy states that the flagship devices that have arrived in 2023 or later will receive 4 major OS updates and 5 years of security patches, respectively. While simultaneously, those flagship devices landed before 2023 will get three major OS updates with four years of security patch updates. Likewise, the latest OPPO F25 Pro, which is the latest arrival, is committed to getting three major OS updates and four years of security patch updates.

Well, the new OPPO F25 Pro, which has launched with Android 14-based ColorOS 14.0 out of the box, will receive new features and enhancements through 3 major OS updates until Android 17, while on the flip side, it will get various security patch upgrades for 4 years until 2028, allowing you to use the device for its whole lifespan. 

Furthermore, OPPO’s software update policy is quite decent, though it seems to be reserved only for its flagship phones. The non-flagship phones are limited to a 3-year commitment, like the new F25 Pro.

DeviceOPPO F25 Pro 5G
Android VersionAndroid 14 (ColorOS 14.0)
Major OS Updates3
Security Patch Updates4 years (Until 2028)
OPPO F25 Pro 5G Software Update Policy

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