Xiaomi Might Introduce Wearable Devices That Prompts users When they are Being Secretly Captured  

Xiaomi has probably been working on enhancing the security measures with developing the latest patent for anti-peep prompt methods, smartphones, devices, any electronic components, and storage media, respectively. With that, Xiaomi has been working on introducing a new and an advanced wearable device that will significantly offer users with a prompt whenever they are secretly noticed or captured. 

Within the most recent reports, Xiaomi, the most renowned brand, has been developing a new wearable that will significantly help users, which will have the new anti-peep feature with offering a kind of warning prompt the moment the user is being secretly captured. This certainly includes that the wearable device will take out environmental image data using a camera device while also determining the capturing angle of the device that’s capturing you. 

At the same time, when a person is capturing you secretly, this new wearable device will give you a warning prompt, preventing you from being captured by the person and helping you to get out of the range of the secret camera that’s capturing you. In the meantime, according to the latest patent revealed by Xiaomi, the new wearable device will only be able to work the anti-peep feature when it comes with an in-built camera. 

However, it’s not yet clear whether the wearable device will be able to inform you at what position the secret camera is being kept, which is capturing you. Also, the latest Xiaomi smartwatches and other bracelets do not come with built-in cameras. So, it’s clear that these devices will not have the anti-peep feature.  

Additionally, Xiaomi might be at work on introducing the latest wearable lineup that can have the support of the anti-peep feature that could help in giving you prompts whenever you are being captured secretly. 

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