ColorOS 7 Review- Smooth, Convenient and Efficient

In November this year, OPPO held a ColorOS 7 conference and officially released the new ColorOS 7 mobile operating system globally. And It is the Biggest update in ColorOS’s history. ColorOS 7 uses a brand-new borderless concept, highlighting a lightweight design language, which is specifically reflected in the simplified system pages and lighter interaction and experience.

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ColorOS 7 Review- Smooth, Convenient and Efficient

Today we are sharing an experience of new ColorOS 7, it is the biggest update in ColorOS’s history.


It is well known that ColorOS 7 builds a more lightweight system based on the core concept of “light and borderless”. Whether it is the overall layout of the interface or the carefully polished white design, you can see the “light” core of ColorOS 7.


Re-cut icons, diversified styles, to meet the diverse personal needs of users. In addition to the system’s built-in style, you can also customize your favorite shape to make personalization more free.

Push to come back to the line blank design:

“Lightweight” is also well expressed through the design of the setting interface, removing the lines and tightening the spacing to make the setting interface more elegant and give a very refreshing user experience.

Half screen interaction:

The new interaction logic reduces complexity to make mobile phone operations faster and does not need to pass through the hierarchy.

System-wide dark mode:

The new design has new features, and the dark mode also follows. ColorOS 7’s dark mode improves the display contrast, the light is bright and clear, and important information is highlighted. For example, the dial interface, the dial is still very bright in the dark mode, and the green The dial key is more like a star in the night, which can be seen at a glance, which makes people not confused in the dark.

What’s more friendly is that even third-party APPs are compatible. The unique algorithm of ColorOS 7 helps third-party applications automatically adapt to the dark mode. Without the active adaptation of third-party apps, it can also bring users a better dark experience.


What is surprising this time is that in terms of system themes, ColorOS 7 is working hard again to bring you a truly global theme. There are currently four models in the theme store, namely Speed ​​of Light, Dark Star, Metal Space, and Elves. Forest, four completely different style themes, the customization is also very deep.
True global theme. After the application, you will find that the icons, wallpapers, lock screen, interest screen display, drop-down bar, clock, phone interface and so on are all highly customized, just like the feeling of changing a new phone.

The brisk design is just like the name of the design director of ColorOS 7 Chen Xi, whose “borderless” design style can be called a “hidden” path. Chen Xi also called it “deutilization” design.

After talking about light design, let’s talk about the high experience. In my opinion, borderlessness is the biggest innovation of this upgrade. It covers more efficient functions and interactions, allows the entire system to interconnect and break boundaries, and makes operations easier.

Flashback Key:

Just like the propaganda, the key information is displayed shallowly and switched back to the application in one click. The flashback key can display the key information of the key application in the form of pill buttons, and display the key information of a variety of pages in a shallow layer. The flashback key can easily switch applications at one point so that there is no need to frequently switch between multiple applications.

More efficient Sidebar:

Floating window small bubbles:
We open the sidebar during use, add the application to the sidebar, click on the application you want, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., a small window will pop up to display, click the circular button to display this application bubble words in The side of the phone, similar to the form of a floating ball, is beautiful and easy to use.

Three-finger screenshot:

This time on ColorOS 7, the three-finger screen capture has been upgraded again, and the three-finger pause to trigger the capture of any area has been added, which brings great convenience to users who only want to take part of the picture instead of the whole picture.

ColorOS 7 is indeed the beginning of a new life. It has perfected the lack of functionality of ColorOS 6 in many places, and the lightweight design also makes the system more concise and smooth, and on the basis of this, there should be small features None of them has been reduced, ColorOS is slowly growing up, let us accompany it and take care of it!

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