PUBG New State: List of all the features in the game

The release date for PUBG New State was announced yesterday, and gamers are really excited to check it out. After its first release on November 11, 2021, the game will be made accessible to the public globally.

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In addition, the makers have launched a media showcase in which the game’s dignitaries provide players with the latest updates about the game. They also talked about the new features that would be available in PUBG New State. Read more PUBG NEW STATE Features Drones, Electric Cars, Weapons, Green Flare, and more

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Core concept of PUBG New State

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As per the developers, in the media showcase, the game will be executed with the following core concepts:

  1. Next Generation graphics.
  2. PC-Like advanced gameplay on mobile phones.
  3. Improved Game Control Experience with minimized Lag
  4. Co-op and strategy game
  5. PUBG Universe in 2051

Features displayed in the media showcase

Here are all the features that the officials have stated in the Media Showcase:

  • Vehicles: Electronic vehicles such as cars and bikes will be the main mode of transportation in PUBG New State.
  • Search Drone and Shield: Users will be able to explore an area for potential opponents using futuristic equipment such as search drones. Meanwhile, the shield would offer them protection on the battlefield.
  • Erangel New State: Besides Troi, the classic and fan-favourite map, Erangel will also be introduced in the game.
  • Green Flare gun: Instead of the regular flare gun, which users normally use to replenish resources, the green flare gun will be used to resurrect a fallen teammate.
  • Recruit System: In PUBG New State, players can recruit dead enemies to their team if they have free space.
  • Weapon Customization: Weapon customization is probably one of the best features that PUBG New State provides. Here, players can customize the weapons of their choice as per their effectiveness.
  • Drone Store: Players will be able to spend their acquired credits in the Drone Store to swap them for other items.

Users may also visit the Media Showcase to learn more about upcoming improvements and service plans. It also covers the Partner Program as well as anti-cheat measures. Read more PUBG New State beta APK download link, major features, gameplay, and more

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