5 best PUBG New State features that improve the gameplay experience

PUBG New State Mobile is one of the latest additions to the PUBG universe. The game has already undergone two alpha tests and is waiting for the Final technical test. It is set to launch on November 11, 2021. In the recent media showcase and trailer launch, fans have already come to see some of the major features of the game.

This article will list down some of the best features from the game that significantly enhances and improve the gameplay experience of a player.

Top 5 features of PUBG New State

1. Search and Drone Shield

Futuristic equipment and gadgets like search drones will help players search an area for potential enemies nearby. Meanwhile, the shield would provide them with extra protection on the battlefield.

2. Drone Store and Recruit System

In Drone Store, players will be able to use the collected credits and tokens and exchange them for various in-game supplies and tools.

The Recruit System is also one of the main features that will change a major aspect of the game. This feature will enable players to recruit fallen enemies to their team if they have space. For example, in a three-man squad, players can recruit one fallen enemy and in a two-man squad, they can recruit two enemies and so on.

3. Modified vehicles and Green Flare Gun

PUBG New State will see totally revamped vehicles having futuristic touch to their design. Electric cars will also be introduced in this new variant.

Unlike the usual flare gun that brings supplies, the Green Flare Gun is also an exceptional feature that can bring dead teammates back into the game. Read more PUBG New State official launch timings revealed by developers

4. Gun customization and new weapons

The gun customization feature can be used by players to improve the efficiency of the weapons as per their needs. It will help players in more efficient gameplay.

The trailer launch also gave fans the look for a new weapon- Grenade Launcher, which will definitely be a weapon to look out for, especially for the campers in the game. How to download PUBG New State on Windows PC? [Full Guide]

5. Exclusive battle royale maps

In addition to the exclusive 8X8 map Troi, players will be able to experience a revamped version of Erangel upon the launch of the final version of the game on November 11, 2021. Read more PUBG New State latest APK and OBB Files Download Link – November 2021

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