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How To Send More Than 30 Photos In WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been releasing several updates for its users, making the application more user-friendly. Earlier this year, WhatsApp released a new update that lets users share up to 100 photos at once in WhatsApp. Previously, this number was just limited to sending almost 30 pictures in one go, but now it has totally changed with the new update. Here is a quick guide to explain to you how you can send more than 30 photos on WhatsApp. 

Besides releasing the increased limit feature, WhatsApp also rolled out a new feature that lets users add captions to their documents. In other words, users can now add captions to their papers, whether sending them to an individual chat or group chat, which was earlier limited to photos and videos. Another exciting feature released by WhatsApp is that the company expanded the character qualifies for the group descriptions. 

Meanwhile, all these features will help share media and documents on WhatsApp. With the introduction of increased limits for sending photos and videos, users can now send more content in a single go rather than sending pictures and other media repeatedly. 

Steps to share more than 30 photos:

Although WhatsApp has removed the limitations of sending photos only up to 30, which is now 100. So here are the tips for sending more than 30 photos on WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Open the Individual chat to whom you want to send pictures.
  • Tap on the Paperclip icon and Select the Gallery option.
  • Now select the images that you want to send.
  • Finally, tap Send.
How To Send More Than 30 Photos In WhatsApp?

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