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How To Tell If Someone Muted You On Instagram?

Instagram has always worked to provide the most enhanced and interactive experience to users, and that’s what makes this social media platform highly engaging and widely popular. The platform offers a fun and interactive way to connect with friends by sharing photos and videos. Meanwhile, muting is one of its features, but how will you know when someone has muted you on Instagram.

Instagram offers several interactive features, while Muting someone is synonymous with excusing yourself from that person. When a person mutes you on Instagram, they will no longer be able to see your posts or stories in their Instagram feed without unfollowing you. This method significantly helps users to eliminate the need to unfollow someone or make a scene.

How To Tell If Someone Muted You On Instagram?

However, there’s no direct way to know whether someone on Instagram has muted you, as it never reveals that someone has muted you. Meanwhile, through a few hints or signs, you could know if someone muted you on Instagram:

  • No view on your Instagram story:

If you notice that someone engaged in watching your stories suddenly stops watching them, it is an excellent sign that someone has muted you. 

  • You notice a drop in like, or comment counts:

When suddenly you notice a drop in the likes or comment counts from a specific person, it’s possible that the person has muted you on Instagram. 

  • Look for the likes and comments on others’ posts:

Look whether the person is actively liking and commenting on others’ posts except yours. If so, this indicates that you have been blocked.      


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