AI-Driven PDF Solution for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS: Afirstsoft PDF

Handling bulk PDF documents can be tasking. You may need to perform tasks like adding
feedback, editing texts, and filling out forms. Thankfully, you don’t need expensive PDF
software to manage your documents. Afirstsoft PDF offers a cost-effective all-in-one PDF
solution powered by advanced AI capabilities. It’s a free-to-install toolkit that manages PDFs by
editing, converting, OCR scanning, annotating, and more. This review explains all its helpful
features and why you should add this program to your PDF workflow.

Getting In-Depth into Afirstsoft PDF

Afirstsoft PDF Creator is a PDF management solution with a set of impressive functions and
features. Besides reading PDFs, this program allows you to edit your PDF text and add
annotations. You can highlight texts and add specific comments and feedback, which can be
helpful for collaborative PDF editing.

Afirstsoft PDF is available to install for free on your Windows and Mac computer. This tool also
supports Android and iOS document sharing and editing, thanks to the Afirstsoft Cloud service.
Below is a list of the compatible devices:

  • Windows 10 64-bit or later.
  • macOS 10.15 or newer.
  • iOS 16 and above.
  • Android 9 or newer.

Key Features of Afirstsoft PDF

  1. Viewing PDFs

Afirstsoft PDF improves your PDF reading experience by providing a simple platform with
intuitive page navigation controls. You can view PDF documents in different layouts, including
single-page, two-page, single-page scrolling, and two-page scrolling. Moreover, you can resize
the page display to provide an optimal viewing experience.

2. Annotating PDFs

Afirstsoft PDF can change your document collaboration and viewing experience. It allows
students, professionals, and even casual users to annotate PDF files by adding notes, comments,
highlights, and other markups. For example, you can pinpoint a vital text by underlining or
highlighting it. You can also add a fun sticker to your PDF file.

3. Editing PDFs

Editing documents is a breeze on Afirstsoft PDF’s friendly user interface. This program lets you
edit PDF by adding or deleting text. While at it, you can choose a custom text appearance by
choosing different font styles and colors. This tool also lets you edit PDF images by flipping,
cropping, deleting, and adding special effects.

4. Converting PDFs

Afirstsoft PDF should be your go-to program regardless of the type of document you want to
convert. This program can convert your documents to and from PDF for seamless compatibility
with multiple devices and platforms. You can convert PDFs to dozens of office files and images.

Below are some of the supported formats:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • HTML
  • TXT
  • PDF/A
  • PNG
  • BMP

5. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Afirstsoft PDF lets you scan your image and paper documents before converting them to digital
PDF files. This technology can scan invoices, forms, and other files to detect and convert the
texts into editable and searchable PDFs. The OCR mode on Afirstsoft PDF supports 20+

6. Creating PDFs

Afirstsoft PDF is a good choice for creating PDF documents from scratch. You can create PDF
documents from standard files like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and images. Simply tap the

“Convert” tab, then click “Create PDF” to upload a picture or document file. Future updates will
also support creating PDF files from web pages.

7. Organizing PDF Pages

Afirstsoft PDF is one of the most powerful PDF editors around. It houses intuitive tools to help
you sort and organize your PDFs into different categories and sub-categories. This tool can
delete, extract, and merge PDF pages. You can also rearrange PDF pages by dragging and
dropping. Plus, you can crop out portions of a document page.

8. Analyze and Summarize PDFs with Afirstsoft AI

The AI technology is becoming vital in PDF management. This feature can enhance productivity
by quickly scanning vast data to provide valuable insights. Afirstsoft AI offers numerous PDF
management benefits whether you’re a researcher, student, or business professional. It helps
automate and summarize PDFs, making the process more efficient and engaging.

Below is a list of what you can do with Afirstsoft AI:

  • Generate concise and helpful content summaries that you can quickly grasp.
  • Chat with the Afirstsoft AI bot to get quick answers to PDF-related queries.
  • Provide automated analysis and translation of PDF documents.
  • Translate PDF documents into dozens of understandable languages.

These are some helpful PDF manipulation features that the AI-driven Afirstsoft PDF offers.
Remember that it’s a free-to-install PDF creator with an unbeatable discount. Please hurry up
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Highlights of Afirstsoft PDF

  1. Cross-Platform Availability

Afirstsoft PDF is an excellent PDF management solution for desktop and mobile systems. After
creating your PDF, you can upload it on Aifirstsoft Cloud for seamless remote access on
Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

2. Licensing and Affordability
You can unlock all Afirstsoft PDF features without any limitations by purchasing a license. A
single license can support up to four mobile phones and desktops, eliminating the need for
expensive subscriptions. It’s a pocket-friendly tool for collaborative PDF editing and sharing.

3. Cost Efficiency

Afirstsoft PDF is the ideal PDF management tool for students, casual users, or business
professionals looking for affordable subscription plans. You don’t need to break your slim
budget to enjoy its features. Compared to Adobe Acrobat, Afirstsoft PDF is 25% cheaper.

4. User Friendly

Afirstsoft PDF offers a straightforward and streamlined interface. You don’t need any prior PDF
editing skills to use it. The neat interface is designed for non-techies to quickly find features like
converting, editing, and commenting.

5. Design and Layout

Afirstsoft PDF strikes the right balance between professionalism and simplicity. The design is
simple enough to cater to non-technical users while packed with features to impress
professionals. It’s a fantastic tool for all skill levels.

6. Customization Options

You can customize the Afirstsoft PDF user interface and settings to increase productivity. It lets
you change the view settings, such as the navigation tab and page layout. You can also zoom in
on the PDF window and change the default selection mode.

7. Performance and Efficiency

Afirstsoft PDF delivers a stable and reliable performance during resource intensive tasks like
OCR scanning and PDF conversion. This tool is optimized to run smoothly and efficiently on
high and low-end computers without lags or crashes.


Afirstsoft PDF is an excellent tool for those looking for faster, better, and more efficient ways to
edit and create PDFs. The Afirstsoft AI feature is primarily a game-changer, allowing you to
streamline your PDF reading processes. It’s an indispensable PDF tool for students,
professionals, and casual users. Remember to collect your 30% discount !

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