Is The CMF By Nothing Watch Pro waterproof?

Nothing has launched the latest Watch Pro with some impressive and exciting features under CMF branding, including the Ultra large 1.96 inches AMOLED display along with 600 knits peak brightness, Bluetooth calling with AI noise cancellation capabilities, 5 satellite positioning system, new and enhanced 110 sports mode, such as Heart rate, SPO2, sleep & stress monitoring, a huge 13-day battery life and more. Despite sporting such amazing features, users are eagerly looking forward to know if the new CMF By Nothing Watch Pro is waterproof or not. 

The IP ratings:

Meanwhile, the newest Watch Pro, which is packed with various interesting features, also comes with an industry-level IP68 rating, making it a solid dustproof device. On the other hand, coming to the IP ratings of being waterproof, the Ingress Protection ratings are an integrated standard provided to the devices having certain laboratory tests. It describes whether the device has protection against dust, water, or splash.

In short, in the IP68 ratings, the first digit following the IP ratings indicates protection against solid particles, including dust. While 6 in the ratings is considered as the highest level of protection. Whereas the last digit highlights that the device is protected against liquid substances, such as water. 

CMF By Nothing Watch Pro IP68 Ratings:

Moving on to the IP68 ratings in the CMF By Nothing Watch Pro indicates that the latest device has been properly tested under controlled laboratory conditions with the IEC 60529 international standards. This implies that the Watch can be immersed in the freshwater of depths up to 1.1 meters for about 30 minutes. That’s where it is clear that the new Watch Pro is Water Resistant but not waterproof.   

It’s worth noting that although the Watch comes with splash, water, and dust-resistant capabilities, these abilities might degrade with time because of its regular usage. You should not wear your Watch in certain places, which can severely cause harm to your device, including swimming pools, shallow water, hot showers, hot springs, saunas, scuba diving, deep diving, high-pressure rinsing, and during high-pressure water activities. 

Furthermore, the IP68 rating is given to the Watch only for freshwater immersion. Do not charge your device in most environments or when it’s wet. In case you use your Watch extensively in water, certain abilities like touchscreen and other features may not work properly, and the sound of the Watch’s speaker will not be heard clearly.  

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