Google Play Credits Creating Error For Some Android Owners 

Google provides an Android facility where users can earn Google Play Credits, redeemed by buying paid applications from the Play Store. The credits can arrive from various sources, for instance, gift cards for Google Play. But if the users try to buy right now, they might be left with nothing but an error message. 

Undoubtedly, the Play Store plays the most critical role on Android; still, Google permits several others to develop. Noticeably, Play credits can only be redeemed in expectation of paid items on the Play Store, whereas in-app buying is routed from the Play billing system, which consists of a huge majority of the content users see on Android. Users can Play balance and act as an online wallet. 

Unfortunately, some Android users cannot make purchases thoroughly and try to use Google Play credits for a part or the entire order. The trouble does not appear to be across the board; it’s not hard to find either. The fact is that queries regarding this issue have been spotted on the web, with a few users speaking briefly of it in a support forum post, while pretty few on Reddit thread around the game Ingress. 

In this scenario, an error message automatically appeared on the screen which states; 

An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-DFGT-02]  

If the users are unfortunately going through this trouble, they can prefer different payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, because Pay balance appears to be the only ticklish for users. But the fact is Google officially has not acknowledged the issue in support communities yet. Meanwhile at least one user was told the experts of the company are working on it. 


Google Play Store

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Aakash Gour

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