OnePlus OxygenOS 14: Introduction To Distinctive New Features

Since the announcement of OxygenOS 14, OnePlus has already introduced the brand-new performance platform, the Trinity Engine, which is an advanced proprietary service that incorporates six innovative and intuitive technologies that unleash the full potential of the OnePlus smartphone. Meanwhile, recently, OnePlus has rolled out the latest Open Beta 2 for its flagship model, the OnePlus 11, which is packed with a number of characteristics and is induced with some new and interesting features that you can experience ahead of the stable release of OxygenOS 14.

As mentioned above, OnePlus has already introduced its most advanced performance platform, the Trinity Engine, which is induced with six intuitive technologies that intelligently unleash the full potential of your OnePlus device. Furthermore, with the newest Open Beta 2 release, the brand has added some new and interesting features, which you will be able to experience when the stable version of OxygenOS 14 is rolled out. 

OxygenOS 14 Stable Release Timeline

According to the report, OnePlus is planning to first roll out the stable version of OxygenOS 14 in mid-November. Additionally, the OnePlus 11 5G will be the first device to get it, and then it will bring OxygenOS 14 to more eligible devices later this year.

Based on Android 14, OxygenOS 14 comes with a number of new features and improvements, including Trinity Engine, Auto Pixelate 2.0, Aquamorphic Design 2.0, Fluid Cloud, Go Green AOD, Notes 2.0, Smart Cutout, and more.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14: Everything you need to know

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 Trinity Engine:

The Trinity Engine is an advanced performance platform with six innovative technologies that debuted with the OxygenOS 14. The brand has designed the Trinity Engine to deliver the most powerful, fast, and smooth performance, dealing with certain demanding scenarios, including multitasking, heavy usage, and long runs. The core of Trinity Engine consists of CPU VitalizationRAM Vitalization, and ROM Vitalization, which smartly distributes the smartphone’s internal resources in order to gain improved performance, extended battery life, as well as long-term smooth experience. 

In addition, within the RAM Vitalization, the memory performance optimization technology has been upgraded, delivering a 10% improvement in smoothness in daily usage and also allowing users’ frequently used applications to run in the background for up to 72 hours. 

Ensuring fast and smooth performance, even after using the OnePlus device for 48 Months, the ROM Vitalization effectively detects performance degradation issues during the heavy usage of the smartphone using the technologies that have been incorporated. 

Within OxygenOS 14, the mobile gaming experience has become more immersive and smooth due to technologies like HyperRendering, HyperTouch, and HyperBoost, respectively. These technologies offer a precise mobile gaming experience along with generating better graphics, incorporating AI machine learning, intelligent performance control, and graphics element arrangement techniques.

OxygenOS 14 Device Security Engine 3.0 & Auto Pixelate 2.0:

The latest OxygenOS 14 is integrated with privacy and security algorithms and features to provide sophisticated protection from the device, applications, and data levels. The most extensive feature regarding privacy and security protection is Device Security Engine 3.0, which is based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensuring an effective smartphone security reinforcement in order to prevent malicious and certain de-compilation attempts.

The Auto Pixelate 2.0 feature that already exists has also been upgraded. Within this feature, the more sensitive information, including contact details and numerical strings, can automatically be pixelated. Certain sensitive information in screenshots, such as receipts, vehicle licenses, identification documents, and several boarding passes, can be automatically detected and pixelated.

OxygenOS 14 Revamped Aquamorphic Design 2.0:

Although the Aquamorphic design 2.0 has been introduced with the OxygenOS 13. But now, with the OxygenOS 14, the brand has upgraded the design by introducing some of the latest and most impressive features. This next-gen system includes various upgrades in animations, music, and color systems. The OxygenOS 14 now supports behavior recognition capability for multiple types of operations, offering a more accurate and faster experience. Alongside, the colors in the OxygenOS 14 have now become more comfortable and can automatically follow the state of your device, which allows users to access the information more efficiently. 

Additionally, the most distinguished feature of Aquamorphic Design 2.0 is the Fluid Cloud, which opens up an innovative way to interact with the information that is based on the Aquamorphic design criteria. Taking inspiration from the Solid, liquid, and gas structure of the Aquamorphic design, the Fluid Cloud gives notifications in an interesting way within the bubbles, capsules, and panels in a naturally merging and flowing way in order to provide a unique style to display notifications in the status bar. 

Apart from this, the OxygenOS 14 incorporates Nine sets of Aquamorphic-themed ringtones, which include calls, alarms, and notifications, along with a total of eleven global UI sound designs have also been added. Offering clean and clear sound effects, these sound effects bring calmness to each digital interaction.

OxygenOS 14 Go Green AOD

A new Go Green AOD theme has been added to the new OxygenOS 14, which can dynamically change, allowing users to make eco-friendly choices each day. Alongside the Carbon Footprint AOD theme that is newly added, it will change on the basis of the user’s daily step count, helping in Carbon reduction and environmental protection.

OxygenOS 14 Notes 2.0 with Intelligent New Features:

The OxygenOS 14 offers a real-time experience of smart and innovative features in order to make life and work immersive and more efficient. The Notes feature has been upgraded, and a more enhanced Notes 2.0 has been introduced. It improves the user’s experience by enhancing usage and offering more convenient, enriched, and intelligent editing facilities. Now, the users will be able to perform various formatting tasks, including colors, underlines, strikethroughs, and dividers, while also creating text templates with combinations of font sizes, styles, and colors for paragraphs, dividers, and many more.

OxygenOS 14 Smart Cutout 

Additionally, a new Smart Cutout feature has been added within the OxygenOS 14 that offers system-level cutout abilities, which allows users to customize the cutout content within the photo album and then integrate multiple quick access points within the system in order to help users so that they can quickly complete post-processing and single-click sharing. Apart from this, the new OxygenOS also supports a Multi-subject recognition cutout tool, which can accurately recognize and extract every single subject in a photo having multiple people.

oxygenos 14 Feature

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