Samsung One UI 5 New Emojis Is Here

A few days ago, Samsung started rolling out the stable One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 worldwide. With this update, we got to see many different and brand-new features in it. Along with it, the company has also introduced plenty of new emojis, of which numerous are newly launched, and some modified emojis are also included.

Samsung One UI 5 Emojis

The company became the first manufacturer that device supports the new Emoji 15.0. Except this, the new update not only got a total of 138 new emojis, but they modified some of the old ones too. In the list of new emojis, 107 are taken from the previous year’s Emoji 14.0, and the rest 31 are from Emoji 15.0.

When the Emoji 14.0 update was launched, on that time Samsung devices only showed support for the single skin-toned variant of the handshaking emoji but now it supports a total of 20 colour variants of the same. It also gets eight new smileys, of which seven are from Emoji 14.0, and only the ‘Shaking Face’ emoji is taken from brand new Emoji 15.0.

Along with it, the stable update also gets a total of nine emojis of new hand gestures. Again, seven are from the group of Emoji 14.0, and only the remaining two are Emoji 15.0’s products. It also includes gender-neutral emojis, such as one containing a pregnant woman and another having a pregnant man in it.

Apart from these, we got to see some modified emojis too. For example, there was a syringe emoji that previously contained blood and some drops also coming out from it, but now they neither show the blood nor the blood drops. Just like these, the stable UI update shows many other changes regarding the emojis.

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