Google Bring 7 Productivity Apps For Android Tablets & Foldables

Google is constantly busy working with the Android OS and developers to optimize your favourite apps to take advantage of the larger screens on tablets and foldable phones. A month ago, Google released ways so that you can watch your favourite videos, series and movies with different entertainment apps. Now, Google is here with yet another update, bringing 7 updated applications, including Google Docs, Gmail, Zoom, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and more, that will help you be more productive on the Android tablets & foldables, including Galaxy foldables, Pixel Fold and recently released OnePlus Open..

Meanwhile, users can see how several different productivity apps are designed in such a way to make the most of the bigger screen space on Android tablets as well as foldable devices, helping you to check and respond to emails, edit documents, quickly take notes on the devices with a bigger screen and more. 


By adding even more functionalities to Gmail in order to make your Google Workspace applications much easier to use on Android tablets and foldable phones. For example, with Gmail, you will now be able to open your links or any attachments side-by-side with your email. When tapping on a link or attachment in your email, the link will get opened on the right half of your screen, while the email will move to the left half of the screen. Alongside, you can also control the width of each screen by sliding the divider in the middle of both screens as per your vantage. 


Zoom application comes with a new tablet mode design for foldable smartphones, which allows you to join a Zoom meeting hands-free on your phone. The video will appear at the top half of the screen, and the meeting controllers will appear at the bottom half of the screen.

Google Docs

Google Docs is even smarter now, providing users the ability to get started faster and edit their content on their foldable devices and tablets immediately. The formatting toolbar is now more visible; you will see a cursor, and when you tap once on the screen, you will see an on-screen keyboard in case no physical keyboard is connected to your device. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The layout of the Adobe Acrobat Reader has been updated for bigger-screen Android tablets and foldable phones, helping in making most of the larger screens. Users can use Adobe Acrobat Reader in the split-screen mode to perform multiple tasks all at once. A drop feature is also available. Simply drag and drop your PDF files from a separate application to open and read the files in Acrobat. In addition, it’s currently working on helping users open two PDFs side-by-side so that users can work across several documents. 


Evernote is a note-taking and task-management application working with a stylus so you can annotate documents and handwrite notes in the app’s sketch feature. While using your foldable device or tablet in landscape mode, you will now see a two-panel layout, which is similar to how the apps work on a desktop. With this layout, you will now be able to quickly see all your notes at a glance on the left side of the screen, and you can edit your selected note on the right side of your screen. 


The layout has been updated so that the app can automatically resize to fit the bigger screens on your foldable device and tablets. Dropbox app now supports the ability to connect to an external mouse and keyboard. 


It’s a task-planning app that allows users to use a two-pane layout on bigger-screen tablets and foldable phones. It helps you to find and read your notes easily. With the latest update, the Todoist app has also made it easier to reach certain navigational components, including your settings or inbox, making it even simpler to move through the Todoist app.   

Google Bring 7 Productivity Apps For Android Tablets

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