Snapchat To Bring New AR Experiences Powered By GenAI

To boost creativity in Snap, the brand has been adding some new features to its app occasionally, which can also increase its liveliness. Now, the brand will introduce a new AR experience powered by GenAI. This can also bring innovation to the app. This technology allows users to enhance their creativity more than ever. 

Through this, real-time images in Snap can bring your imagination to life through AR. Special attention has been given to the adaptive capabilities of this GenAI technology. Bitmoji Backgrounds, Chat wallpapers, dreams, AI pets, and AI lenses have also found a place in this upcoming GenAI technology. 

According to the brand, this may include AR authoring tools,a new GenAI suite in Lens Studio, etc. These tools also allow for the creation of high-quality lenses. This GenAI suite also adds new capabilities for creativity. Artists, creators, and developers can combine custom ML models with AR features to create the best look for the lens. 

According to some reports, whatever details the user types in, a 3D image will appear in real-time after some time. This AR technology can create more realistic and sophisticated lenses than the older versions, which will also include many new features soon. The brand will reveal these features globally at the Augmented World Expo, which is held in California, USA.  

Snapchat new update

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