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Does The iPhone 15 Have Fast Charging Support?

The most awaited and anticipated iPhone 15 series has been announced, offering numerous intuitive features and advanced technologies. The Pro models and the iPhone 15 models now have the Dynamic Island and the USB-C port. Despite having such advanced technologies, one thing that is disappointing for an iPhone user is the charging speed. But do the new iPhone 15 models support fast charging? Let’s find out.

Meanwhile, everyone has expected that Apple will induce fast charging capacity in its iPhone 14 lineup, but it couldn’t happen. Hopefully, the company has claimed that the newest iPhone 15 series holds a fast-charging capacity, which is considered an upgrade from the previous iPhone 14 lineup. 

Does the new iPhone 15 support fast charging capacity?

The fast charging capacity is something that iPhone models do not support. Similarly, after several leaks and rumors, it’s concluded that the latest iPhone 15 series does not support fast charging capacity. While the iPhone 15 has both wired and wireless charging support. By introducing the USB-C port, it was highly expected that these models would have improved the charging speed. However, the speed remains slow as it was in the previous iPhone models. 

As per the information, there is no official confirmation from Apple about wired charging speed, not even the battery capacity. Meanwhile, according to some reports, the new iPhone 15 is expected to support the same charging speed as its predecessor. The charging speed is as follows: 

  • iPhone 15: 20W
  • iPhone 15 Plus: 20W
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 27W
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 27W

Do note that Apple does not confirm these figures mentioned above. 

Time taken to charge iPhone 15:

As nothing has been confirmed by Apple specifically about the battery capacity and time taken, by seeing the battery capacity (in Watts), the time taken to charge an iPhone can be assumed. Additionally, here’s the information about the hours as well as the percentage of the charging capacity of the iPhone 15. 

  • iPhone 15: by using the 20W charging brick, the iPhone can be charged 50% in 30 minutes.
  • iPhone 15 Plus: by using the same 20W charger, it can get 50% charge in 35 minutes.
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 50% charge in 30 minutes using the 20W charger.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 50% charge in about 35 minutes using the 20W charger.
  • Although to get fully charged, all the iPhone models will take about an hour.
iPhone 15 series Battery

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